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John Deere

Since its founding in 1837, John Deere has provided products and services that are useful to those who work the land. For the people who grow it and harvest its fruits. For the people who process and enrich it. For the people who build. John Deere is committed to their success. It's a combination of history, passion and a commitment to helping them increase profitability and productivity that makes John Deere the equipment supplier of choice.


Under the traditional brand name Kramer, Kramer-Werke GmbH develops and produces compact wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers with high manoeuvrability, off-road capability and efficiency for agriculture. In the early years of more than the 90-year company history, the company quickly made a name for itself as a manufacturer of tractors. Today, Kramer-Werke GmbH is a medium-sized manufacturing company that not only attaches great importance to its own research and development, but also offers a wide assortment for material handling. All products made by Kramer are characterised by advanced technology and the highest quality. Thanks to decades of experience in the development and production of loading machines, these are ideally matched to customer needs. In order to meet the requirements of professional agriculture in terms of service and advice, Kramer has been offering the machines again directly via an agricultural sales network since 2012. Due to the long history of the company and the continuous company success, Kramer is optimally prepared for future challenges, because the future needs origin.

Our brands: Golfs, parks & Gardens

Wessex International

Sinds 1962 produceert Wessex machines van hoge kwaliteit voor de professionele markt. Wessex machines besparen tijd, verhogen de efficiëntie en verlagen de kosten voor de eindgebruiker.


For more than 50 years, Matev has stood for innovative tractor products. Matev is passionate about developing high-quality attachments for the areas of green care, area maintenance and winter service, and with their basic equipment they make tractors ready for any use.


Wiedenmann GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lawn care and artificial turf machines. The specialist for golf courses and sports fields, as well as for clearing systems and snow removal products.

Our brands: Golfs, parks & Gardens


Since 1985, GKB Machines has been a division developing innovative maintenance machines for golf courses, natural and artificial grass fields. Sustainability is a top priority at GKB Machines. As a family business, they strive to be a sustainable enterprise with future prospects. That these are not empty words is shown by the fact that they produce all their machines in an energy-neutral way.


What Greenworks features: - Low-noise: Low vibration, ideal for working for long periods of time - Especially powerful due to well-thought-out use of top technology. - Due to the unique 80V application (with double earthing for safety! Unique in this product!), the battery charges faster than it discharges. - Continuous expansion of the range of batteries and chargers. - No transport of fu


Jensen shredders are a reference in the garden and park sector, but also in forestry. Jensen has been manufacturing high quality machines since 1900 and can rightly be called the inventor of the wood chipper. The processing capacity of the machines varies from 15 to 30 cm. PTO, motor and electric drive versions are available in almost all models.

Our brands: Golfs, parks & Gardens

Frisian Motors

Frisian Motors designs and assembles electric vehicles for private and professional use. Since 2009, this makes Frisian Motors the first manufacturer in Europe to focus entirely on purely electric machines suitable for many purposes. Besides the environmental improvement (less CO2), the products have many practical advantages. Less noise, no soot or smell, no hassle with petrol, diesel and oil. This also makes them very suitable for use in enclosed spaces or in the presence of animals. Moreover, the machines are virtually maintenance-free.


Smithco makes machinery for the maintenance of golf courses and parks.


Yamaha Motor’s journey has been one that has been revving hearts, continuously innovating, and generating excitement for decades.Yamaha Motor puts the needs of customers and businesses at the centre of every innovationand every product. Through expert engineering, quality, and the reliability of their lightweightvehicles, Yamaha provide sustainable and practical solutions for businesses, luxurious andreliable personal transportation vehicles, and comfortable golf cars with a wealth of featuresdesigned to ensure an incredibly enjoyable round of golf for all players. Our lightweight vehicle segment is aimed at B2B and B2C audiences alike and refl ects Yamaha’scommitment to ensuring there are a wide range of options, aiming to meet everyone’s needs inour three main segments: Commercial, Personal and Golf Fleet.

Our brands: Golfs, parks & Gardens


TRU-TURF has been THE reel brand for the Greens since 1947.


TURFCO offers accessories for professional golf courses.


Advanced Turf Technology manufacturer of casette units for greens mowers for the use of specific implements for particular jobs. ATT stands for top quality equipment for golf course maintenance.
John Deere

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