Tractor 6R

COBELAL, specialist for agricultural machinery but also for the maintenance of parks and gardens.

COBELAL dates back more than sixty years. More important, however, is the fact we are ready for the future. Also for your future. As an importer of high-quality machines and tractors, including John Deere and Kramer, you naturally expect nothing less than the best from us. And that is exactly what we strive for every day. But our mission is not limited to selling. We also guarantee a high quality service. Our qualified specialists ensure maximum efficiency.

The best for farmers, horticulturists and contractors!

Series 7R

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"We always start from a win-win situation. The better our customers do, the better we do! That's why we are committed to supporting them as much as possible."

Luc Sterckx, COBELAL

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