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We have been part of the Arvesta group since 1981. This group incorporates over forty strong brands, such as Aveve, Proxani and Hortiplan. As such, the group is the full-service partner for farmers and horticulturalists and has a strong international network. COBELAL is the exclusive importer and distributor for Belgium of agricultural and horticultural machinery such as John Deere & Kramer. We can also offer you a wide range of machinery for parks & gardens and golf course maintenance, both for private and professional use. COBELAL offers expert advice to the customer, both before and after the sale. For both maintenance and repairs, customers can rely on a professional network of some thirty service points throughout Belgium.

“We work every day to increase the profitability of our farmers and growers so that we can grow together.”

Eric Lauwers, CEO d’Arvesta

COBELAL, a leading importer!

We import machines for the maintenance of roads, parks and gardens, both for professionals and for private users.
Kramer Tractor KL25.5

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